What if we could build the future of DIY? Empowering our youth with practical knowledge of woodworking and hand finishing skills?


What would that look like? We teach a curriculum that imparts the very passion that we experience in the studio every. single. day. We offer industry knowledge in an easy to digest format. Four courses, including woodworking skills and safety, color theory as it relates to our advanced hand finishing techniques, how math and science are used in design, and finding your own design style through designer concepts like scale and proportion.


WE TEACH, THEY LEARN… to create on their own.

We empower youth with the confidence, the how and the why of woodworking and design, and guide them in applying their new found skills in exciting projects.

Junior  woodshop  sessions:

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Parents Night Out | 6:00pm – 9:00pm

The Third Friday of Every Month!
Drop your littles off at the studio to enjoy an evening with our Art-tenders while you go out for up to 3 hours (hello date night!). We will be making a fun wood project, feasting on pizza, and watching a kid-appropriate movie. Our Art-Tenders will guide your child through every step of their project. This event is for children ages 7 and up.

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