Private Event

Girl Scouts of Citrus – Brownie Painter Badge | 02/04/23 @ 10:00 AM

Saturday, February 4, 2023
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Join us for this 4 hour workshop where we will go through every step needed to earn your painting badge! We will walk everyone through the following:

  • Get Inspired: Find images of five paintings you love.
  • Paint the real world: Paint a still life
  • Paint a mood: Create mood blocks (Select a design below)
  • Paint without brushes: Paint with indoor objects
  • Paint a mural: Paint a mural that tells the story of an event
  1. Your child will go home with two finished projects.
  2. Please let us know you’re attending this event by adding it to your cart below.
  3. Follow the checkout all the way through the process. This ensures that we have a waiver on hand for your appointment.

It is very important that your design is chosen before you arrive to the studio. In order to make the most of your group’s time, we will not be able to take same day orders for this event. 


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