Luna Group Real Estate | 3/24/23 @ 6:00pm

Join us for a couple of hours of building, painting, and laughs! We will walk you through creating a beautiful wood piece for your home.

  1. Please let us know you’re attending this group booking by choosing a project from the selection below.
  2. This selection of projects is customized to your group, so please choose one of the Luna Group projects that are shown.
  3. Follow the checkout all the way through the process, even though it's a zero dollar balance. This ensures that we have a waiver on hand for your appointment.

It is very important that each project is chosen before you arrive to the studio. In order to make the most of your group’s time, we will not be able to take orders during your studio time. 

We are excited to have you create with us in the studio! Please note, gratuity is not included in your project price. If you feel that your Art-Tender gives you a memorable experience and excellent service please consider leaving them gratuity at the end of your DIY experience with us!