Nailed It is excited to present a unique experience that will bring fun and creativity into your home! All of this fun will benefit this special family with each purchase!


Take and Make designs come in a package that includes all supplies and materials needed including paint colors as shown on finished products. This is a Do-It-Yourself kit to create your own masterpiece



Our hand finished retail collections have been curated with our classic colors and are ready to display in any home. This collection is offered in our 17″ round designs that are great for a front door, porch or any interior rooms.

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Stripes for Annalise Fundraiser

Join us in a fundraiser supporting Annalise, a local toddler who is in need of a spinal surgery. Annalise has been on her medical journey since she was only 15 months old! She has three very, very rare medical conditions: Chiari Malformation, Occult Tethered Cord, and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. In her short 29 months of life, she has already had to endure brain surgery and multiple tests, scans, and needles, needles, needles!!! Little Annalise has had to suffer more medical tests than most of us will go through in our entire lives! And as if brain surgery wasn’t enough, she is now scheduled to have a very specialized SPINAL SURGERY in late August. This local family will be traveling to Rhode Island for her spinal surgery with a WORLD-RENOWNED SPECIALIST. This will include an extended stay of several weeks for follow up appointments & post-op care.

The fundraiser will run for the entire month of September, 2021. All orders will be prepared at our studio after purchase and may be picked up after the "Order Ready" email is received. Pick up is during our studio hours at 12789 Waterford Lakes Pkwy, Suite 6 in Orlando. Shipping is available for those who are out of town, but would like to participate in the fundraiser.

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